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Alta Badia is located in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, northern Italy. It is considered the heart of the ladina territory as it is cantered in between four mountains: the Sella Mountains, Cir Mountains, the Fanes Conturines Mountains and the Sassonger Mountains. 


This area is constituted of six localities which are grouped into three major districts which include Badia, Valle and Corvara. It has over 130 slopes that people who like to ski can enjoy. It is well known for hosting world cup skiing events in the mid-December and is considered one of the most challenging. 


On the other hand, cyclists also find many routes which can be taken both on and off the roadways. Tourist can use these routes while taking walks so as to discover the amazing sceneries and cultural aspects found in this area. 


The main route used passes through all the three principal districts that starts from Corvara ending at Badia near Colfosco and has an estimated length of thirty kilometers. Surely, tourists are up to an enchanting and amazing experience in Alta Badia.


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Ostuni città bianca

Alta Badia is situated in the heart of Dolomites, between Piave and Adigem, Pusteria valley, Belluno and Gardena valley

Alta Badia is made of six villages including: Corvara, Colfosco, La Villa, Badia, San Cassiano and La Val. Its location gives it an excellent site for accessing Sella group, the 3 peaks, the surrounding valleys of Fassa, Gardena and Pusteria.

Arriving and Departing from Alta Badia: 
There are a number of ways to arrive at Alta Badia from surrounding valleys or Pusteria from the airports of Verona and Bergamo:
By car:
The direct way is by using the (A22) Brenner Motorway. Coming from the North, take the route Innsbruck to Brennero- bressanone & eit at Varna/ Bressanone. Then follow road Val Pusteria (SS49 until San Lorenzo & then Val Badia/Corvara (SS244). From the South, take Verona to Trento-Bolzano to Bressanone and road Val Pusteria (SS49 until San Lorenzo & then ValBadia/Corvara (SS244).
By Train:
There are nice EC & IC connections that come from Milan, Munich, Verona or Innsbruck connecting to Bolzano or Brunico. From here you can take a bus to the Alta Badia villages.
Walks in Atla Badia:

Waterfall Pisciadu
Take the path crossing Borest Wood towards Colfosco and finally you will reach the base of Pisciadu waterfalls. A short stop is advisable to give you a chance to view the Val Mezdi and the falling waters of the falls. 
From Corvara, go uphill to Pralongià or Col Alto. Here the vast pastures and meadows will offer you spectacular walks of the countryside. From here you can also be able to see the circular panaroma of the dolomites visible from the whole plateau.

Val Stella Alpina
From Colfosco take trail four leading to Val Stella Alpina from where you can be able to see the Edelweiss hut of alpine. You can also go up hill to Col Pradat and then left to the Forcelles hut of alpine and further forward to passo Gardena.

Lake Da Sompunt
From Pedraces you should follow the little road that leaves the city hall up the southerly way direction through the farms of Paracia and Ciaminades then out to the beautiful valley, Lech da Sompunt. 
You can also access the lake through Pedraces then to San Leornado. Berore reaching the parish church on the right follow the asphalt road way up to the Sancturay of Oies and after 5 minutes, follow the shorter unsurfaced road to the lake.

Lake Lalung
From Pedraces you should follow the uphill trail number one to Runch farms all through the fences to the beginnings of forest. then walk alongside the fence dividing the meadow and the forest until you reach a hay barn. Go further uphill till you come to the end of slope. From the top you will see the lake.

From La Villa to the Lake Da Sompunt:
Start from the historic Centre developed at the Parish church. When you reach the elementary school, you should follow the little road overcoming the upstream station of Gardenacia chair lift leading to the forest and then coming out just a few meters from the Sotsas farmsteads. Then go a further upstream and you will see the lake. You can arrive at the walk also by going back the road connecting to the main Val Badia then up the higher town of La Villa and finally to the historic.

Sentiero dei Larici
The trail starts from Armentarola or Glira all the way through the farms of Larscei and Rü leading to Rudiferia farms. Here you can admire a distinct water mill that is perfectly functional. The route then unwinds through the larch alpine meadows and forests at the base of Senes-Fanes-Braies Natural Park. The route not only offers a suggestive countryside view but also gives excursionists the probability of looking at some interesting man-made features that are in compatible to the surrounding nature like: dry wells, characteristic alpine fences and the earlier mentioned water mill. Also there is a series of data plates along the trail with very important information about certain kinds of shrubs and plants and tables carrying information about given fauna, flora and the geology of the area.

Mountain hike Lagazuoi
From Sare South of S. Cassiano, we take the reflection path of von der Flühe the Nikolaus leading to Sass Dlacià chapel. You then proceed to Capanna Alpina hut from where you take marker to Scotoni hut. From here follow another path to Lake Lagazuoi. Here you can admire looking at the bizarre peaks of Fanes-Dolomites that get reflected in the lake water. From here take path number 20 which crosses the dolomites ridgeway running parallel to the rugged steep rocks of the Lagazuoi and the Fanes. You can enjoy gorgeous panoramic view while you are at the mountain top.

Hike to Santa Croce Church
This is one of the suggestive and beautiful places you would want to visit in the dolomites. This sanctuary is built above a valley and looks tiny when compared to majestic dolomites in its background. From Badia in San Leonardo village, take the signpost nr 13A till Oies. Walk through the woods up to a narrow path to arrive at Castalta farms that are surrounded by the wonderful landscape of the alpine with green meadows. You then go through the refreshment point to reach the border of the woods where the Santa Croce Church is built.

  • Pisciadu lake
    Pisciadu lake



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