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Ostuni città bianca

If you have been to Grotammare and you never stayed at Hotel Roma, you have missed something very important. Amazing revelations from visitors who have had the opportunity to stay in this accomodation clearly show that it is the place to be whenever you visit Italy. Many visitors would assume that it is just like any other hotel they have stayed in, until they actually find out the difference. The hotel is an award-winning facility, located in the heart of Grottammare in the province of Ascoli Piceno, an ideal location that is close to major flight terminals and the railway station. 

This ideal location makes the hotel a suitable and safe haven for business travelers who would like to access most parts of the city, as well as those who are just visiting for leisure to explore the marvelous attraction sites of the place and surrounding areas. There is a lot more to see when you stay at Hotel Roma than you could expect. The Central Business District is close by to serve your business needs while you relax and enjoy a unique experience of this beautiful land, which is full of top-notch industries, art galleries, restaurants, and distinctive shopping malls. 

 The main benefit for most is the diversified cuisine of the Hotel Roma. Food is a critical aspect of any vacation, but this hotel offers the best cuisines you can imagine. With diversified culinary specialties, the hotel offers the best of Italian cuisine. You can get the ring-shaped, Italian traditional cakes, jam tarts and homemade biscuits. Other delicacies include honey, fruits, and vegetables coming from the nearby landowners. There are menus for children, diabetics and coeliacs visitors of the hotel. This diversified culinary arrangement ensures that each visitor leaves the hotel fulfilled. 

If you are a good wine taster, Hotel Roma provides a wide selected brands of local certified wines, which you can taste under the guidance of a certified sommelier

At the Hotel Roma, babies are not left behind. There is a baby-feeding corner, manned by a professional chef, which is operational 24 hours to give the kids the best treatment. In addition, just outside the structure, you can find the little Baiablanka lounge and restaurant, where you can relax and have a view of the surrounding environment. 

In the hospitality industry, the best rating for an hotel should come from the visitors. Customer's comments for Hotel Roma have been very positive since its establishment. Many visitors are usual clients who have been impressed by the cordial service they received from the hotel and its environs. Often customers speak about the beautiful interiors, nearness to the major attraction sites, and the great food offered. 

Exploring the city of Grottammare can be a fascinating experience, especially when you stay at the Hotel Roma, where you will relax in a beautiful ambience and enjoy great meals and cocktails of the Italian culture. Many visitors who travel to this place include solo visitors, couples, and business people. Within this diversified range of clients, each visitor gets a cordial treatment and the best service from the hotel regardless of race, color, or social class. 

For your next trip to Italy, particularly if you visit Grottammarre, remember to make Hotel Roma your choice.

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