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written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

Genova is one of the cities in Italy that is worldly known as the base of Liguria and one of the historical attraction towns. Initially, it was called Genoa. It is located on the Northern part of Italy. In addition, it has a stretched record in commercial activities, parks and other attractions. Many visitors to Italy recommend this town to others who plan to visit the country. It has many fascinating sites and tourist attractions. It all begins from historical knowledge from secondary sources as a place with one of the oldest ports and numerous attractions like biggest aquariums in Europe and the world at large. The features range in lines of zoos and aquariums, sports, amusements, outdoors, cultural sites, museums, and special landmarks. It is shadowed by Rome and Venice. The two are well known to the world and offer complements to what may lack in Genoa. In this article, we are going to explore places that visitors may demand to visit while in Genoa.

1. The historic Center
Europe has several medieval cities that are preserved. This is one of such towns in Italy. Have you ever had a chance to visit one? Take your time and tour Genoa. Quite a large proportion of it has been considered as a world site meant for heritage issues. This declaration was made by UNESCO. It is not just what we read in the books of history about Genova town; one is able to visit and witness the theoretical part of it as a historical center.

Il Porto Antico is the name of the port. It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Experts claim that the square-shaped old port is the most visited place in Italy. Most tourists visit Genoa having in mind the old port. Indeed, it is among the most interesting attractive sites the city owns. Many visit this place to enjoy the natural harbors and available water vessels.

This is a house that symbolizes the town. It was put up during 12TH Century. It functions to guide water vessels in the sea. It is 117 m high constructed at the midst of a harbor. It lies alongside a museum which is at a stone throw distance of about 600 meters along the Old Walls of the city. It is interesting. Many have enjoyed paying visits to the Lanterna.

This is a monumental basilica in Genova along the Italian nunnery near the museum. It is a historical cluster that Italians respect due to the virtue of it being extra-ordinary due to presence of great history, architectural designs, and the artistic factor important to the locals. Next to it is the tall Torre delgi Embriaci. We all hear about the owner of the latter attractive building; he conquered both Jerusalem and Antioch in the 11th century.

Genoa is well known by many due to the point of owning a Sanctuary. This is a gratifying example of why it is termed by some people as a city with artistic attractions. It has a Genoese school of 16th century, which has the urn that belongs to Santa Caterina Fieschi Ardorno. This person died in the year 1510. She later became a saint by 1737 and from her work their rose her Saint Patron as the head of all the health organizations in Italy. These included hospitals and dispensaries. People still celebrate her job on 12th September each year.

This is the national gallery, where one may get to know about the existence and general introduction of the vital art works of various people. In addition, Grimaldi Spinola di Pellicceria Palace has reservations of traditional furnishings. The decoration is preserved in an incomparable glamour in an ancient mansion of a huge Genoese fraternity.

Following the fact that Monte Galletto sheer that extends towards the Mediterranean Sea, Castello D’Albertis (located at Corso Dogali of Genoa) offers both a great park and a museum as attractive features to tourists moving past the place.

This is the biggest cemetery in Genoa. The vast graveyard is situated in Piazzale Resasco. It is among the largest graveyards in Europe attracting nearly all walks of life. Therefore, it is perceived as an open-air monument for the massive number of tombs and the architectural sculptures the carry a lot of information to the visitors of the place.

This is a house that was once the house that many termed it as the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie La Nuova. It is located at Piazza Santa Maria in a place called Passione. Natives understand it better in terms of the ‘House of music’ that was dedicated to Nicolo Paganini.

10. Train to Casella
The town has a puny railway train that operates on a route to Casella through Stazione per Casella. This gauge facilitates connection of people and goods between the two towns. While on the way, travelers are able to see fortresses, valleys, both hard and soft woods, and old ancient villages which are adjacent to the railway. To make the matters more interesting, it is on this train path that the Roman Aqueduct lies. This is a feature of attraction to many. One of the pros of this route is that it provides entertaining excursions to travelers as they explore the cities. It is about 26 km long.

11. Boccadasse
Have you ever been to this place? It is a good one. It is a local village a walk distance away from the center of the city. It is characterized by events of artists, writers, and poets. It is well known as one of the picturesque fishing villages in the world.

12. The oratories of the ancient confraternities
Another attraction feature is the Oratories of ancient Confraternities. They are more than 120 in number. The confraternities operate 130 parish clubs for the youth. It was once referred to as the Diocese of Genova. This is because one could discover some of the hidden artistic treasures of early history and ancient cultural practices of a certain group of people who lived around the town.


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