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written by Claudia Muffin

Ostuni città bianca

The idea of me wither from the heat of Milan even let mature in me the idea to escape to the sea to discover new places so I rented car and headed towards Liguria and arrived in Genoa. The entrance to the city was fabulous suddenly after several curves Genoa comes close in all its splendor on the hills while the sun and the sea embrace it.

Bordering on the sea driving on the elevated route I parked and immediately dipped in the streets of downtown. It is incredible and almost indescribable the architectural grandeur and weight of this city that reveals behind the (lanes) .

The charm of narrow streets called “Caruggi” that let you never know what's around the corner, so the wandering is a continuous surprise behind the deepest lane it opens to you wonderful views like this on Via Garibaldi made of beautiful buildings with facades of colors and surveys among the most important like Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Rollo and palazzo Bianco.

But this is not all you get to the center were continually you are confronted with the same wonder in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Ducale in the beautiful churches and a host of lesser known churches but with stunning beauty.

Going down towards the sea, the Antico Porto is very distinctive and very pleasant to spend the evening, to detach the antiquity of the ancient port a modern architecture by Renzo Piano with the panoramic lift bio sferea, the Aquarium and the Bigo.

  • Via garibaldi
    Via garibaldi


  • Many places to visit in Genoa

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    Genova is one of the cities in Italy that is worldly known as the base of Liguria and one of the historical attraction towns. Initially, it was called Genoa. It is located on the Northern part of Italy. In addition, it has a stretched record in... continue

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    Among the most renowned Farmacia del Papa (1960) located in Via San Lorenzo, Tessuti Rivara (1802) in piazza San Lorenzo, Libreria Bozzi (1810) in via Cairoli, and the Bar Caffè Klainguti (1829) in piazza Somiglia. The city's elegant shopping area... continue

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  • Genoa the port

    written by Kevin Patel

    Opposite the Porto Antico, the modern structure designed by Renzo Piano as part of the break between old and new with the Bigo, The Aquarium which is the biggest in Europe with a large variety of ecosystems, and Panoramic elevator offering a... continue

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