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written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

Once one is conversed with points to visit, he or she has to have in mind some of the activities one may enjoy for a two days tour in Italy especially in Genova town. This may aid a visitor to Genoa plan effectively for the tour.

City sightseeing
One has the opportunity to take a look at all the features in town. There exist tour guides who take people around showing them some of the unique sites.

Quick cooking courses
There are schools that offer cooking studies for a couple of hours at affordable price. One may learn on how to prepare Italian foods that are not available in their country. This is an opportunity of one exploring different recipes.

Whale-watching expeditions
Visitors do visit this great town due to the expeditions in which people are allowed to have a look at the whales around water bodies. Whales are found in Ligurian Sea as the first whale ground in Italy.

La Spezia shore expeditions
Shores around the Ligurian Sea form other expedition Centre to tourists. Visitors are allowed to visit the shores, take pictures, and meet friends as a way of earning revenue to the city and integration of diverse cultures.

There are several ways one may get into this town. It all depends on where one entered into Italy. For instance, one may wish to visit Rome or Venice. Connecting to Genoa will not require one to fly. Therefore it is necessary for one study the journey mercies for entering the town. There are numerous ways for this:

Use of planes
Planes are common in Italy. This mode of transport applies to those who stay in distant places especially from other countries. Italy has major airports that deal with huge and many planes due introduction of 24 hours economy. Planes may carry many passengers. One of the leading airports in Italy include Aeroporto di Genova referred to as Christoforo Colombo which offers regular flights on daily basis from major cities involving London, Rome, Munich Paris, and Madrid. From the port, it is relatively cheap for one to rent a cab or taxi to the required destination in Genoa. One of the advantages of use or airplanes is that it is fast and efficient with bossy and mossy life for those who seek for comfortable travels. Secondly, it is convenient for longer distances. However it is expensive.

Another mode of transport is the use of train by visitors may use to access this city. Train may work well for those who have arrived in the country. It may help one to connect to this city especially from France and some parts of Italy. For instance, one may use train to connect from Turin, Rome, Tuscany, Milan and more others that have close proximity to railway terminus. One may alight from the train at Principe and Brignole. The latter host local trains while the former acts on external ones. 

Use motor vehicles
One may connect to Genoa after landing at Turin. It is 170km distance. There are two routes one may apply to get to the city from Turin. One may take A6/E717 at Turin via Savona to the target city. This is longer than the other route which emanates from Genova Piacenza signs running southwards. The last route offers few observable features. This makes the trip less entertaining.

Those who might prefer to enter the city while they are at French Riviera should not worry much; there is a solution to your tour problems. You need to take A10 and have fun from the terrain and sight features. It is about 160 km starting at the boarder of the two countries. One has to keep to the toll roads to shorten the distance. The last route has better fascinating features for one to watch.

Connection from other towns is important. Use of cars eases movement of people. For those who wish to reach Genova while they are at Milan may connect by use A7-E62. The distance is approximately 147km. This is not far. However, the road has many meanders with several intercepting roads. This may lead to new drivers taking wrong routes. Inconveniences are not good to visitors. It is advisable for one to use native drivers to the town to avoid getting into motordromes. Experts and experienced natives in this city do offer alternative routes: A7 at the point the road deviates at Tortona and veering to A26/A7. The only shortcomings of this route are that it is longer by 20Km.

Eurolines coach serves Italians and its visitors in transporting passengers from one town to the other. Many have used cars and buses for easy movement. Visitors may take A12 at Rosignano to get to this city. It is important for travelers to take note of the duration between November and March yearly. It is characterized by presence of snow. One has to travel along with snow chains especially in the midst of Carrodano and Sestri Levante. Assuming this may result into suffering at the expense of making one enjoy.

Genova is a port town. It has many boat and ferry services. Many people would prefer to use boating services in order to enjoy maximum tour, utilize natural sceneries, and get to learn marine features. There are numerous ferry routes that channel vessels to this port town. They include Navi Veloci, which facilitates movement of people from Barcelona and Tangiers to Genova. This is the most well-known route. Other straight routes are Barcelona that stretches to Spain, Valletta for those in Malta, Bastica for Corsica, and Perlamo. Currently, many are able to tour Genoa from other distant places such as Morocco and Tunisia. This is due to innovation of routes such as Tangier and Tunis. Actually this opened the world access of this city.

Italy is one of the countries that people tend to visit due to its cities and towns that own attractive features and offer grounds for several activities. Genoa is no exception. It has numerous attractive points that one may be able to go in for. Within a two day tour, one is able to visit many places in this town and carry out several activities. What new visitors need to do is to find out the places, means of transport and the activities that can take place in this town.


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