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District of Gargano Tourism: Best of District of Gargano

Directly on the sea is absorbed in a rich Mediterranean vegetation, with its New services is ideal for those people who love a holiday in contact with nature without to refrain from any confort.
Explore Uncharted Italy in Gargano

Located in the southeast of Italy, Gargano in Puglia is one of the most historic destinations in all of Italy.

Boasting brilliant mountainous landscapes, along with some of the oldest untouched forests in Central Europe, Gargano is an essential destination for nature lovers.

The Gargano National Park enjoys an assortment of pleasant micro-climates, along with breath-taking views of the Adriatic from Italy's east coast.

The perfect place for those looking to escape the heaving crowds of more populous cities in the region, Gargano offers visitors the chance to explore some of the oldest corners of Italy.

Venture through forests that are thousands of years old, or enjoy miles' long stretches of unspoilt beaches.

Take a stroll through medieval towns and villages dating back centuries, or sample local delicacies and traditional cuisines you won't find anywhere else on the Italian peninsula.

HOTEL ELISA - Peschici
Hotel Elisa lies in a sheltered position near the characteristic fishing Harbour of Peschici, a historic little town known for its fantastic sunsets. The hotel also has an outdoor pool with water-massage,private beach parking and garage alls inclusive in ...

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