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The Boboli Gardens

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I truly love this spot and whereas some of the gardens, especially in the midst of the summer are hot and full of people, this corner of the garden is like a little paradise where one can easily spend a good hour relaxing, reading, chatting, thinking, resting...

Following a tree-lined and statue-clad allee I arrived upon to what I consider to be one of the most enchanting spots of Florence: the Piazzolo dell'Isolotto.

Constructed by Guilo and Alfonso Parigi in 1618, this lovely place first greets you with a fountain of the mythical Triton. As you enter this corner of the Boboli, you immediately see the moated emerald green Pond of Isolotto where one can see the dramatic stone images of Pereus and Andromeda. In the centre of the pond is the Island of Isolotto, planted with lemon trees and flowers all of which serve as a sprawling pedistal of Giovanni da Bologna's magnificent Ocean Fountain crowned by the statue of Oceanus.

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