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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

Visiting Florence at Christmas can prove to be a spectacular event, which is truly magnificent.

The decorative streets in Florence especially during Christmas times coupled by brilliant window displays with greens and reds and fairly lights make it impossible for one to forget or ignore. 

Like any other cities in Italy, Christmas here is traditional and old-style. The delicious traditional foods, which have passed from generation to generation, retain its traditional touch and uniqueness. If you are planning to spend your Christmas in Florence, then you have made the right choice. 

The traditional belief of Christmas being specifically meant for family members and Easter dedicated to whomever you want is still held here. The belief comes from an Italian saying, which says that "Natale con i tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi"? Therefore, it is a very rare occasion to find visitors invited to lunch table during Christmas time.

With the days getting shorter and shorter, Christmas lights decorated in the streets, weather getting chiller, Florence city is ready for this festive event. Normally Christmas holiday here kicks from December 8 (commonly known as the Immaculate Conception) until January 6, Epiphany. The atmosphere during this period is serene for both adults and kids. It is a time of the year when almost everyone is happy. The wonderful and inexpensive activities in Florence are compellingly amazing. Having had a stressful time throughout the year, Florence is the best place to be during the Christmas holiday. Florence’s churches, palaces, and museums are some of the most artistic treasures not only in Italy but also in the world.

Christmas markets in Florence
Christmas markets add splendor and memorable feeling of Christmas. Mercato Tedesco di Natale is a famous market in Florence city. The market opens from December 3 until December 21 during which things such as Christmas candy specifically meant for kids is sold, German strudel and other traditional pottery is sold. If you love wine, this market is the best place to have some. The hot spice type of wine and a bratwurst is available in plenty. Florence Noel is another Christmas market found here. The house found in the market called House of Santa Claus is where children meet Santa and take photos. 

Like any other Italian cities, Florence is characterized with gift exchanges during the Christmas period. The Christmas lights, trees, concerts are all synonymous with this area. Some of the traditional foods found in Florence forms part of the culture of the city. Christmas concerts such as Orchestra della Toscana, Christmas in Jazz, Gospel choirs among others dominates the traditional celebration of this year.
When we talk of any Italian city, it is hard not to mention Nativity Scenes. They astounding scenes make place a beauty to the eye. Nativity re-enactments are also synonymous in the area. The re-enactments involve historic centres, residents, and animals, among others.

On the Christmas Eve several festivals take place on Florence. The celebrations include fireworks, parades, Rowing Club competition, Historic Florentine Football, among others. The fireworks reflect the beautiful nature of the Arno River. 

Typical foods
If you have travelled to Florence, you have no worry about where to eat. The foods here are plenty and have a traditional touch of uniqueness. The Florentine cooking is made up of two main elements, which include olive oil and bread. The two elements make the basic components in the preparation of dishes in this area.

Spaghetti alla carrettiera is among the most famous pastas in this category. The second course also known as main course is made up of chicken dish , lombatina di vitello, scaloppine, involtini or bistecca fiorentina. Round up your meal with cantucci con vin santo. In Florence, wines are the most popular drink in the area. The red Chianti Classico is the most preferred type of wine in the area.

Why visit Florence during Christmas
A visit to Florence during Christmas can never be regrettable. The serene climates, traditional foods, the tradition, the Christmas markets, festivals among others are just but a few things one should not miss. The cozy atmosphere gives you the chance to feel relaxed and be part of the wonderful season. 

Booking earlier can be an important thing for a tourist. The too much demand for the foods and some other things need one to book ahead in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Lastly ensure that you have a well-detailed plan of the places to visit, the tourist menus, and the general knowledge about the cost of goods sold in the area. 
Have a merry Christmas as you plan to spend your Christmas in Florence city.


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