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Going on holidays is always a fun adventure, but it inevitably becomes harder once your family grows and you have children to take with you. Well, luckily, there are still people who think about creating the perfect place for families to enjoy their holidays as much as possible, and that is the case of this lovely little farm that can be found in one of the most gorgeous countries ever: Italy.

In Fivizzano, a little city located in the province of Massa and Carrara, you will find the ideal destination for your whole family to have the best holidays ever. Podere La Piana is a farm that will keep your children entertained (we all know how much little children love animals) while adults will be able to enjoy the nature and the relaxing places that surround the farm.

This lovely farm, which is open from the 1st of April to the 31st of October, has five different suites with everything your family could possibly need, and they also count with two different apartments, one for six people and another one for four, both of them with their own bathroom. Also, the farm has its own barbecue in the very spacious garden as well as a swimming pool that all the guests can have access to.

But don't you think that all you and your family will be able to do during your stay will be enjoying the garden and the swimming pool, Podere La Piana has come up with many different ideas to let every family have the most fun possible and leave the place feeling more than satisfied.

Being a farm, there are countless animals growing in Podere La Piana and you will be able to see them and learn as much as possible about them thanks to the help of the staff, something your children will definitely appreciate and find extremely interesting. The staff of the farm will also talk about other educational topics such as the trees of the farm, how to turn fruits into jam, how to turn wheat into bread and will help your whole family rediscover their five senses that we don't always put to good use living in the city.

But one of the activities that make Podere La Piana the ideal destination for your whole family involves donkeys. Yes, that's right! These animals are able to show love and affection like no many others and spending time with them will help you bring out your emotions, which is extremely important.

But the best thing is that you and your family will be able to go on walks with these animals! Sometimes other families staying in the farm will join in the fun, which will allow you to meet other people. You will be asked to load a basket with food and you will simply go for a walk around the nature that surrounds Podere La Piana with your family and some donkeys.The idea of trekking with donkeys was created to forget about many of those things that keep us busy in our routine, like mobile phones and television, and to learn how to have real contact with other people and nature.

One thing is for sure, spending some days in Podere La Piana will change your life.

For further information: www.poderelapiana.it

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