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Emilia Romagna Tourism: Best of Emilia Romagna

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Delicious food and wine in Emilia Romagna
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Emilia Romagna is one of the most productive and fertile regions of Italy lying between the Apennine mountains and the River Po.
The mountains and the sea In Emilia Romagna offer its visitors breathtaking views for both the eye as well as the spirit owing to a mixture of Emilia Romagna’s earthly colors, fragrance and fresh sea air. In addition to this is the cinema, music and art that’s appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Emilia Romagna is among the famous tourist destination with those loving a combination of sea, sun and entertainment drawing their attention to Romagna Riviera that possesses Europe’s longest beach. Other towns such as Riccione, Rimini and Cattolica are highly-outfitted for tourist reception emphasizing fun and relaxation.

This region started with agriculture as the main source of business, wealth and well being were synonymous in the local speech and culture. The fertility of the plains of Emilia Romagna generated riches and strongly influenced the growth of traditions and popular festivals among the locals. Currently, Emilia Romagna is among the competing cities in Italy as the wealthiest.
A visit to Emilia Romagna wouldn’t be complete without taking a gastronomy tour tasting the delicious food and wine across the region. 

A walk through the streets of Bologna you will see the production of tortellini and fresh egg paste which forms the major pride of the region. Taste the stuffed pasta and the tagliatelle which differs in shapes. In this region of Bologna, tortellini is in many cases stuffed with ham, meat and mortadella which are served in capon or chicken. In nearby towns, you will find tortellini served with spinach and ricotta cheese, seasoned with sage and butter. Mortadella is another typical specialty that you should give a taste.
After taking Certosino Bolognese there are a variety of both white and red wine such as pinot Bianco, Bianco Pignoletto, Narbera and merlot.

The province of Ferrara extending to the delta of River Po offers beautiful sceneries of rare charm with the valleys and lagoon settlements, pinewoods along the coast. The cuisine in Ferrara is connected to its history and thus a walk to taste what it has to offer would be worth the while. Nearing the court of the Estense where cooking was considered an art, great dishes are prepared from the local produce.
To start off your first courses you should try the cappellacci with pumpkin,maccheroni pie and risotto with bald coot. Proceed to take stewed escargot alla ferrarese, sauced eels raisedin the valleys of comacchio for you second courses. Have a taste of delicious salama da sugo which is particular kind of salami made of pork, red wine among other constituents. A commonly known dessert in Ferrara is the panpepato and mandorlini del ponte cookies that are made of almonds.

Your next food tour stop should be in the province of Modena, a region rich in traditions, motors and car designs and the passion of good cooking. Modena is characterized by plains extending the most beautiful plains in Italy covered by fortresses, castle , villages and towers. As pointed out earlier food is a true passion of the local residents and thus a cuisine tour around Modena will certainly leave you with a mouth watering experience.
Zampone which is stuffed pig trotter is a symbol of local cookery cooked throughout the year including the traditional Modena’s balsamic vinegar that has received quality recognition. Other popular products include the typical Modena pears and the Vignola cherries.

A visit to Parma will offer you an experience of highly diverse foods which comprehending would be difficult. The herb quiches, the mushroom of Albereto and Borgotaro and dishes that are based on berries and chestnuts will give you a taste of the wide range of products available in this province.
Make sure you taste the best products in the entire country namely the Parma ham and salames, the culatello of Zibello, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese together with the well cooked shoulder of san second. The first course that you ought to take while in Parma include the cappelletti in beef broth, tortelli di erbette while you let the second course be graced by appetizing beef stew with polenta, stuffed breast of veal, boiled meat with tasty sauces among others. The desserts are numerous such as the almond cake, pastries stuffed with honey, candy violets as well as the wine meeting DOC standards such as Malvasia, and Colli di Parma.
A further tour to the remaining provinces namely Ravenna, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Rimini you will in no doubt get the best taste of the various delicacies and wines that will keep you wanting for more.

The hotel is situated in a green and peaceful zone, jest few meter from the sea, managed directly by our family. By us you can taste the good traditional and international ishes. Daily animation.

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