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written by Cedric Mills

Ostuni città bianca

The province of Teramo is constructed as a mosaic in which nature and culture blend and mingle in a territory where the generous hospitality of its people proudly offers thousand attractions, tours and food tours.

As a book of legends, open to tourists who want to live them to the seven most famous seaside resorts of the province of Teramo, from north to south: Martinsicuro, Alba Adriatica, Giulianova, Roseto, Tortoreto, Pineto and Silva are their names. As seven sisters ready to offer their best gifts, golden beaches and the sea bluer. The breeze blowing from the sea blends the scent of iodised coast with pine trees and oleanders, to accompany the walks along the seafront.

The province of Teramo has received since the ancient pre-Christian civilisation. A proof of this are the traces of the necropolis of Campovalano, which were found tens of thousands of graves as evidence of the civilisation of Piceni living there. The centre of Giulianova was built in Roman times, and Teramo arise theatre and amphitheatre, both of rare beauty. The already mentioned Atri is a milestone for people who love to discover evidence of ancient peoples, the Romanesque cathedral is the main attraction of the village, but certainly not the only one.

The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park represents a natural border to the province of Teramo and provided an area where nature and sport coexist and offer tourists the places of excursion rich in breathtaking views, such as waterfalls and forests to discover step by step, from valley to valley.



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