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The best destinations in Cortona: Tuscany

Guide written by the community written by Cedric Mills

In Cortona the Franciscan ideal has found strength in the figure of Saint Margaret, whose spirituality is kept unchanged in his sanctuary. Within the city you can admire the church of San Francesco. The route is to stop the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Celle also to do it then go to the Isola Maggiore on Lake Trasimeno, where St. Francis lived an important moment of his life. The pilgrim is then invited to go... continue

Guide written by the community written by Cedric Mills

Cortona was one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan League. Of its primitive cyclopean walls one can still look at the impressive features incorporated in the medieval walls. Apart from a few fine Renaissance palaces, the prevailing character of Cortona's architecture is medieval, conferring on the steep narrow streets a strong atmosphere. Given its altitude (600 meters above sea level) from every point of Cortona... continue

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