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Cortona Tourism: Best of Cortona

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GRAZIELLA PATIO HOTEL - Arezzo (23 Km from Cortona)
Graziella Patio is a charming hotel a few steps away from the Church of Saint Francis in one of the most elegant central spots of medieval Arezzo. The only hotel in town located in an ancient and historical building with 15th century cellars and ...
A weekend in Cortona
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Cortona was one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan League. Of its primitive cyclopean walls one can still look at the impressive features incorporated in the medieval walls.

Apart from a few fine Renaissance palaces, the prevailing character of Cortona's architecture is medieval, conferring on the steep narrow streets a strong atmosphere.

Given its altitude (600 meters above sea level) from every point of Cortona one can  enjoy a stunning view on the entire Valdichiana.
Not to be missed: the medieval churches of S. Francis, S. Domenico, the Palazzo Casali medieval renaissance facade, the churches of S. Maria Nuova and San Niccolò, housing valuable works of art.  The "Via Crucis" Severini (XX century) accompanies the mystic ascent linking the town overlooking the sanctuary of St. Margaret, in turn dominated by the powerful Fortezza del Girifalco.  

Out of town several Etruscan tombs and Roman churches. Il Convento delle Celle, founded by St. Francis, is one of the prettiest spot in the area.

A visit to Cortona means a jump back in the 14th century, breathing traditions and tastes typical of Tuscany. Please pay a visit to the local fairs, including local food and wine tasting: you will be surprised by how old traditions arise out of such delicacies.

Cortona and its religious sites
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In Cortona the Franciscan ideal has found strength in the figure of Saint Margaret, whose spirituality is kept unchanged in his sanctuary. Within the city you can admire the church of San Francesco.

The route is to stop the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Celle also to do it then go to the Isola Maggiore on Lake Trasimeno, where St. Francis lived an important moment of his life.

The pilgrim is then invited to go to Citta' della Pieve, which offers important sites like the Franciscan convent of the Capuchin Friars and the oratory of San Bartolomeo but also beautiful and artistic realities of nature.

The town of Cortona is in the Province of Arezzo (AR)

In Cortona there are 145 accomodation. You may visit 6 places of interest. Cortona is part of a route called Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo, so it's particularly recommended for a food and wine holiday.
Cortona is a Città del Vino, a wine destination in a territory producing wine and its environmental, landscape, artistic, historical, and tourist resources makes Cortona a perfect location for food&wine lovers
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