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Chieti Tourism: Best of Chieti

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Chiety the Capital of Chiety Province of Abruzzo Region
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Panorama Chieti is a city located 200 kilometers away from Rome in the Abruzzo region. It is also the capital of the province of the same name. Located on a crest on the Pescara River it is only a few kilometers away from Adriatic Sea. Gran Sasso and Maiella Mountains are there in its background. The city of Chiety has a long history and it was destroyed several times and was rebuilt throughout its history. During the Second World War this city was not bombed due to the fact that it was declared as an open city. Therefore, it was left unharmed. There are quite a few interesting places of visit in this city. The Gothic Cathedral is one of them. It was rebuilt as far back as 1069 by bishop Attone I. Only some parts of that building remain as earthquakes have damaged it. What remains today is the church that was rebuilt in 16th and 17th centuries. Church of San Francisco al Corso is another place worth of a visit. It was founded in 1239. Its faade suggests an incomplete Baroque restoration. National archeological museum is yet another important place in the city. There are lots of things to see in it on the ancient Abruzzo. Chieti is a city that has a moderate climate throughout the year. Only rarely the temperature reaches 0C during the winter. Even the summer temperatures never go up anything above 35C. This city lies at a height of 330 meters above mean sea level. Its population is 56,000. There are a few festivals among which the best known one is the feast of Saint Anthony that is held on 17th January every year. Good Friday also is a day when festivities are conducted by the city folks. On 26th July there is the feast of St Anna.

The city of Chieti, with an elevation of 330 m (1,080 ft), is in the Province of Chieti (CH). The Patron saint is St. Justin of Chieti on May 11. The town is divided in parishes: Bascelli, Brecciarola, Buonconsiglio-Fontanella, Carabba, Cerratina, Chieti Scalo, Colle dell'ara, Colle Marcone, Crocifisso, De Laurentis Vallelunga, Filippone, Fonte Cruciani, Iachini, La Torre, Madonna del Freddo, Madonna della Vittoria, Madonna delle Piane, San Martino, San Salvatore, Santa Filomena, Selvaiezzi, Tricalle, Vacrone Cascini, Vacrone Colle San Paolo, Vacrone Villa Cisterna, Vallepara, Villa Obletter, Villa Reale. Residents of Chieti has the demonym of "Teatini".

In Chieti there are 6 accomodation. You may visit 19 places of interest.
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