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Castellina in Chianti is a town of 2,971 inhabitants in the province of Siena. Its territory is part of the Chianti Classico.
Thanks to the presence of Etruscan tomb mound Montecalvario, which dates back to VII-VI century, it was possible to prove the presence of Etruscan communities. But the first certain documents belong to the medieval period. Castellina in the twelfth century became a dominion of Florence. 

In 1203 the act with The Ruling of Poggibonsi, fixed the boundaries between Florence and Siena and Castellina, in fact, became the focal point of communication between the two cities. In 1379 it was plundered by the troops of the Duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti but in 1400 it was fortified. In 1400 it saw the second Aragonese invasion and was under the control of the Sienese and Neapolitan troops. At the end of 1400 the domination of Siena ended and Castellina passed under the rule of Florence.

Monuments and places of interest.
There are countless churches dating back to various periods:
The Church of San Salvatore in Castellina is of medieval origin but also shows structures in neo-Romanesque style, the Church of St. Martin in Cispiano, has a beautiful fifteenth-century gilt bronze cross, the Church of San Giorgio alla Piazza is, instead, of Romanesque origin.
The parish Church of St. Agnes in Chianti, from the documents that we have, belongs to the diocese of Siena. It has three naves divided by three square pillars that end with in three apses.
Finally, the rectory of St. Michael in Rencine is located inside the city walls of the castle of Rencine, of which only a few walls and a tower are left.
It is worthwhile to visit the Fortress.
It is a huge building, which dominates the main square with a fourteenth-century crenellated tower from whose top you can enjoy a traditional landscape od chianti region. Since the 2006, it is home to the Archaeological Museum of Chianti.

Walls of Castellina in Chianti
The walls were almost completely destroyed during the various dominations but you can still reconstruct the whole story from their remains and the fifteenth-century fortifications. In the walls, in the past, there were two gates: the gate of Siena and the gate of Florence , the latter demolished after the Second World War.

It is a famous Etruscan monument, a tomb mound of 50m in diameter, formed by four tombs dating back to VII-VI century BC, located in the arrangement of the cardinal points.

Another pride of Castellina is this ancient Etruscan necropolis. Now it contains four tombs and you can visit them walking along a path that winds through the woods.



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The town of Castellina in Chianti has an elevation of 578 m (1,896 ft) is located in the county of Siena (SI); has as Patron saint San Fausto and the Saint day is September 18. The town is divided in parishes: Fonterutoli, Lilliano, Piazza, Rencine, San Leonino, San Quirico, Sant'Agnese. Residents of Castellina in Chianti has the demonym of "Castellinesi".

In Castellina in Chianti there are 71 accomodation.. You may visit 7 places of interest.

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