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written by Andrew adams

Ostuni città bianca

Which is the best way to experience Capri for a perfect holiday?
Here you will find a list of useful advices that foreigners, with an intention of visiting Capri, should know to make their stay more enjoyable, safe and secure

With tourists come high prices, crowded beaches, mediocre restaurants charging high prices for meals and packed buses that may be uncomfortable. 
So how do you get the most of Capri without feeling like you are being taken advantage of or unsafe? How to arrive?

The following tips are a guide to travellers coming to the beautiful island of Capri to: 

Avoid the high season. It is better to tour the island during the shoulder season than the peak season. This way you will avoid crowds, hefty prices of high tourist season and the heat. Travelling in late May is perfect to get the best of Capri. You are able to reserve spaces in restaurants without a problem and spend time on the rocky beaches without feeling claustrophobic.

Eat like locals. Restaurants are notoriously high priced in this region. Therefore, if you intend or are running on a tight budget, go the local style and you won’t worry about getting broke. In a restaurant you can be charged as much as 10 euros for a Gelato. Local meals like pizza, local fish and buffalo mozzarella are not only price friendly but are delicious and also it’s a way of knowing the locals more.

Put on your shoes while walking on the island. The area has hills and endless steps therefore hiking and walking around the region bear footed is not safe. 

Visit the Blue Grotto after hours. During the afterhours, the Blue Grotto is technically closed. This is the perfect time to visit since there are no crowds and no fuss. During open hours, you pay to enter and also to hire a boat unlike the wee hours. 

Hire a boat. The best way to enjoy the coast of the island is from the water. Several boat companies are on the coast rendering services to take you around. Negotiating price for half or full day will entitle you to adequately enjoy the view of the breathtaking Capri from the waters all round its corners.

Do not buy too much of tourist stuff. Shopping in this region is crazy expensive, the designer label shops on the island like Prada and Fendi charge high prices for their stuffs. If you intend to run accordingly with your budget, do not buy too much of this stuffs.

Make sure to stay overnight in the town. The real pleasure of Capri is when the day trippers leave. Pedestrian streets become less crowded. You also get to enjoy the beautiful view of the full moon rising over the Faraglioni rocks while sparkling its light across the dark turquoise water. 

Bring a camera along with you to take pictures of the breath taking sites on the island. Seeing only may not be enough to recapture all the captivating views on the island, pictures are a great source of memory.  

Squeeze one or two pairs of formal clothes in your bunch of informal clothes. For dinner outings, it is more presentable with the formal clothes than walking to a five star resort for dinner in slippers, a short and t-shirt. 

Go out of your way and learn from bellboys or housekeepers about food in the town. This helps prevent unintentional allergies, stomach problems etc. from foods you are not compatible with.

Book tickets online in advance. You not only get discounts on the ticket price but you also get to save time from standing in line at stations to book the tickets. 

To get along with the locals like hotel staffs e.g. room service and bell hops etc. give them tips. They are paid meager salaries and tips will make them appreciate you very much. Standard tips are generally about $5. 

How to arrive 
Setting foot in Capri is a bit complex but far from hectic. Getting to this amazing and captivating island just needs you to have a proper plan so as to keep time. To arrive in Capri, book a flight to Rome, the capital city of Italy. Once in Rome, the journey from Rome to Capri can be a long one. 

While in Rome and you have made all the right connections, it will take you at least three hours to arrive in Capri from the moment you land. From Rome’s Fiumicino airport, get to the city’s main Termini railway station using Leonardo express. This is the fastest mode of transport to get you at the Termini railway station. Once at Termini railway station, a number of trains regularly run to Naples. From Naples you will be able to pick a boat to Capri. 

At Termini railway station, you can choose the type of train you want to travel with to Naples: 

Eurostar Freccia Rossa (TAV). It’s the fastest train to Naples from Rome. It takes a little more than an hour to complete the journey. Each ticket costs 40 euro each. 

Intercity. Using this train will take you 2 hours to arrive in Naples from Rome. Tickets cost 20 euro each. 

Interregionali. The train stops at every station from Rome to Naples. It therefore takes a little bit longer. It takes almost 4 hours to arrive in Naples using this train. Tickets cost 10 euro each. 

Train tickets can be purchased at the station or online from the Trenitalia website. 
Discounts are usually offered to passengers buying their tickets online in advance. In Rome you can also take a bus to the city’s main Roma Termini railway station and follow the above directions. 

Once in Naples, you are only a few kilometers from the beautiful and breathtaking island of Capri. From Naples to Capri you board boats. You can board boats to Capri from Molo Beverello or Calata di Massa
From the train stations you board buses that drop you at these ports. Molo Beverello is located in the Piazza Municipio almost directly opposite the city’s Maschio Angiono castle. Calata di Massa is situated circa, a kilometer to the east while facing the sea. 
A complementary shuttle service links the two ports. 

Fast ferries depart from Calata di Massa while hydrofoils depart from Molo Beverello.
Hydrofoils are are faster and a little bit expensive than ferries though the choice to travel by which means lies by you. With hydrofoils its costs 18 euros and takes 40 minutes to the island while with ferries it costs 13 euros and takes at least an hour to get to the island. 

Once in Capri, porters waiting on the dock will help you with your luggage. They make sure the bags are delivered at your hotel at a cost of 10 euros. You can also take a cabriolet taxi that cost 15 euro. 

While in Capri, you can travel around the island using buses, trains or your legs.

Places to visit:
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