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written by Chiara Guzzetti

Ostuni città bianca

The island of Capraia is part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Its whole territory, with the only exception of the village and the area that was formerly part of the penal colony, has now been comprised in the National Park. It can be reached from Livorno (two hours and a half) and is connected by regular daily ferries. This island of volcanic origins emerged in the Tertiary Age. It has no level ground, but has a wild nature; it is divided by a mountain chain and has indented and steep coasts with several grottoes.

The village of Capraia stands on a promontory that overlooks the harbour bay. It has typical Mediterranean characteristics with small and low white houses. The particularly mild climatic conditions allow the island to be visited all the year round. Motorised vehicles are not allowed to circulate in summer, though there is a regular public bus service connecting the port and the village. The local co-operative "Parco Naturale Isola di Capraia" organises boat trips and farm holidays. There are no "beaches" as such on the island of Capraia: there is only one small beach to be found along the rocky coast; this is Cala Mortola which can only be reached by sea.

For those who wish to go there are two agencies that provide a boat-taxi service. Other accessible points for bathing are right below the castle, below the port tower and below the lighthouse. You can also swim from the two piers in the port, where the water is very clean.
The Natural Park of the Tuscan Archipelago was set up following a presidential decree in 1996 and it includes almost the whole of Capraia. It is to be noted that apart from the stretch between Punta di Porto Vecchio and Punta della Fica, speargun fishing is not allowed; between Punta del Trattoio and Punta del Manzo both transiting and landing are prohibited, since it is a totally protected area and is to be repopulated with wildlife.

  • Island from the sea
    Island from the sea
  • View of the port
    View of the port
  • View from Castello San Giorgio
    View from Castello San Giorgio
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