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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

Canazei municipality is located in the province of Trento in the northern region of Italy, 70 km northeast of Trento. Its name is derived from a Latin word, cannicetus meaning cane thicket. It is well known as a traditional ski town with Belvedere ski area above it being part of the Sella Ronda ski circuit. Situated in the Val di Fassa, Canazei is part of the dolomite super-ski skiing region.

However, despite being famous as a ski town, Canazei is also a base station for rock climbing, mountain-biking excursions as well as trekking especially during summer months. 

There are many possibilities for hiking in Canazei and more specifically in Val di Fassa. A visit to this valley exposes you to walks, paths and other legendary trekking routes in the valley under relatively high attitude. Visitors are baffled and left admiring the observable fact of Enrosadira for which some of the peaks of the dolomites take on a glowing color which gradually passes to purple most specifically during sunsets and sunrise when the air is clear. This phenomenon is as a result of the composition of dolomite rock wall.

Val di Fassa dolomites
Exploring the mountains makes you experience intense emotions from the wonder of the Enrosadira, a spectacular view of the lovely mountain lakes. By climbing with an alpine guide, mountain diaries and refuges you get the chance to taste local food and products. Upon your arrival at the Val di Fassa you are engulfed with a whole breath of new air owing to the cool climate of this vicinity. The theme during summer is sport and basically being in contact with nature involving easy low-level walks to more complex, demanding and difficult trekking. The Nordic walking trails gives you fascinating sites and they are easily accessible by taxi bus or by lift from which you will get to enjoy breath taking news.

Via alpine
These include five main international trails which that stretch over five thousand kilometers but divided into 340 stages connecting five European countries i.e. from Trieste in Italy through Monaco to the alps. This is a fascinating project you would undertake based on the utilization of already existing trails. These trails are easily accessible to everyone and not a reserve for the experienced mountain climbers only. They aim at enabling he climbers to discover the alpine landscapes and at grasping the heart of the environment, culture and history of the common alpine identity.
One of the paths known as the yellow route passes through the dolomites and the Val di Fassa region. No particular difficulty is presented to the climbers and those who are trekking since there are already existing paths. There are four stages crossing through the area of the dazzling natural beauty not to mention the majestic Marmolada, Sella and Catinaccio massifs.

Low level walk in Canazei
This is short walk covering a distance of five kilometers taking you an average of two hours. While in Canazei, walk up to Stead de Paredda until you are out of the village near the bridge pent de la roa. Turn left before reaching the brigde onto the tarmac road called Stredo do Veisc which runs across river Avisio. The walk along this path is well equipped with benches and tables including alternating open areas and dappled little woods. Along the path there is a playground for the children along with a little shore on the stream. From here you can go to the national road near the bridge and go back to Canazei.

Easy high-level walk: Russian road and the San Nicolò valley
This is a high level walk along the Nicolò valley but relatively easy for you. Leave your car in the San Nicolò valley where you will find a pay-park then cut through the trees until you get to a track known as Russian road or Strada di Rusci. This walk is not steep but varies with the road well shaded all along. Upon reaching the way sign number 641 for Lauscel lake, turn to your left and cross the Ruf de Sen Nicolò through a small bridge then take left through the woods. From here you will find an area of alluvial stones but after walking over a flat stretch you will find the dirt road climbing up the last part of the valley. Turn left and walk to the Baita Ciampie where you can have refreshments before taking the tarmac road way back to the car park. This entire walk will take you approximately two hours.

Side valley excursion: 
This is a walk that passes through san Pellegrino, Forcella Vallazza over to Gereburt until san Pellegrino. This pass can be reached by car and after parking near the small church, walk to the Col Margherita cable-car station which is at the east and take a cable-car to Col de Margarita. Following the crest of the mountain walk to the west and you will find the valley below you to your right with rocky terrain on your left. Along the ridge walks you will enjoy the splendid views but this is only possible with clear weather. It might be tricky finding your way during bad weather.

High level hike:
This is a trail through Ciampedie, Roda de Vael refuge, A. Fronza refuge,gardecia and the coronele pass. By a cable car to Ciampedie, follow the previous directions given in the last hikes in Roda de Vael and Baita Marino Pederiva which will take you approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Take the panoramic path number 549 from here called the Hirzel-Weg bending round the Majare Mountain. Through this walk you will come across a bronze eagle which is dedicated to Dr Theodor Christomannos who played a key role in fostering tourism to the dolomites. Next you will find path no.539 but keep going at the same attitude at Roda mountain feet as you enjoy the magnificent views. The path is quite easy and will come across path no 551 heading to Vaiolon pass and path no 552 from the Paolina refuge. Start the climb behind the refuge and choose the right-hand path when you reach the fork. Walking down on the other side it’s the scree of the Davoi basin after which there is a crossway where you will take path no 541 to the left. This path cuts across the base of Ciadenac mountain meeting up with the dirt road headed to the Vajolet refuges. Turn to your right and walk to Gardecia from where you wil find an easy path back to Ciampedie. The average time trekking on this trail would average to approximately 6 hours.

Canazei is best reached from the west through the main Adige valley running between the Austrian borders. Though it is possible to access Canazei from the east given favorable weather and proper equipments, the easiest airports, motorway connections and public connections are on the west.
While travelling by car, you could choose leaving the motorway south of Bressanono (Brixen) and ravel up the Val Gardena via the ski resort then over to Passo Sella. Alternatively you could use the motor connection further south close to Bozen and travel directly to Val di Fasaa.
Travel by air is another alternative when travelling to Canazei. There are plenty of airport choices most of which are served with flights from the UK and other different company chatter flights. In addition to this one can travel by rail or by local coach services and taxis which run from Breddanone or Bolzano to Canazei.



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