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Cagliari is the biggest city and capital of Sardinia in Italy. The city is located on the southern shore of Sardinia, a Mediterranean Island.  It has the typical Mediterranean climate of high temperatures in summer and some rainfalls in winter.

The city has an extensive civil network consisting of a large port, an airport and other routes that makes Cagliari accessible from Italy or a nearby European Country. Thanks to the Elmas airport, just outside the city, people from other parts of Italy and from around the world have the chance to visit the beautiful city of Cagliari. 

A shuttle bus, rented cars and taxis can take you from the airport to Piazza Matteotti, in the city center, located between the train station and the port. 

The port is located in the centre as I stated above and it schedules daily ferry trips and also serves as a cruise point for ships from the Mediterranean. 

Nearby the port, we can find the train and the bus stations. The train line runs from Cagliari to Sassari in the north and the buses can drive you up to the coast or the villages of Cagliari.

The name Cagliari means castle. Cagliari is an ancient city with history from many civilizations as it has been under the rule of their power. Today is a political and artistic center with rapid economic growth and cultural and educational properties. 
Cagliari has been the start of the Art Nouveau architecture.

Castello, the old town with the castle is located on top of a hill with an extraordinary view of the Angels Gulf. The castle’s walls have stayed intact, featuring 2 limestone towers from the 14th century; the Torre di San Pancrazio and the Torre dell' Elefante

We begin our tour at the Promenade Deck, and then move to the Terrazza Umberto I, where finally we can see the Bastion of Santa Caterina. All buildings are historical pieces from the early days but also through the World War II when they were destroyed by bombs.

Proceeding straight forward we can see the Cathedral at our left and the old city hall at our right. Near the Cathedral we can see the Provincial Government’s Palace and the church of Palaeo Christian Basilica of San Saturnino.

The remains of the Roman’s Empire touch, still remains intact in the city. We can see the Roman Amphitheatre and the aqueduct, among others. In the biggest town park, we can see the Justice Court surrounded by beautiful pine trees and lakes.

Another important sightseeing would be the Archaeological Museum that features the history of Sardinia through several ages, the Neolithic age until the Middle Age.

For the tourist that prefers a more entertainment type of tour, there is the Marina district close to the port. It is a street full of shops and cafes that he can sit down and enjoy a relaxing conversation.

Cagliari includes one of the best botanic gardens in Italy. You can find caves, tropical plants and Roman and Carthaginian remains. The park of San Michele Hill includes the medieval castle on top, the Terramaini Park has a pond with flamingos and other birds and the Monte Claro Park has a library with an old mansion, and these should be included in your ‘to do’ list.

In addition, you can visit the Molentargius Regional Park, and view the wildlife and the large forests, go to the monumental cemetery of Bonaria or visit all the beautiful public gardens.

Cagliari is the home of the famous beach Poetto. There is around 8km of smooth sand and clear blue waters.

In Cagliari you will have many things to do:
Take a tour of the castle district, visit the historical monuments and watch the breathtaking sea views. And when you get hungry just try the local cuisine. Cagliari is included in Italy’s best fish markets.

Cagliari is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with a lot of history behind and one of the most well know artistic and political centers of Europe. The history, culture and the food will be some of the properties that will make you want to explore this city. Any time of the year you arrange to go, the sure thing is that you will stay satisfied. The people are friendly and there is just so much to do there. If you are a person that enjoys learning new historical information, seeing old buildings or just a person that wants to enjoy the Mediterranean weather accompanied by the clear blue waters of the sea, taste the local drinks or the excellent food dishes, then this is the destination for you.

What to see:
Visit the historic Sagra di Sant' Efisio, which starts on the 1st of May and lasts 4 days from Cagliari to the Romanesque church, and watch the decorated horsemen accompanying the saint's statue in a parade followed by food, drink and dancing.

Relax in the shores of the Il Poetto Beach, a long sandy beach and one of Italy’s best beaches with smooth golden sand and clear blue waters.

Observe birds of Molentargius Marsh, a pond with rare bird species and flamingos.

Learn about the history in the City Gallery of Modern Art (Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna), through the displays of 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures by Italian artists, or buy something from La Bottega delle Meraviglie, a shop offering a mix of vintage and new collectibles.

View the spectacular ocean view from the top of the Elephant Tower (Torre dell ‘Elefante).
Reach the peak of St Pancras Tower (Torre di San Pancrazio) that was built in 1305 with limestone.

Moving and exploring the city and its surroundings is very easy. You can select from a variety of public transportation to use such as buses, taxis and ferry boats. You can even rent a car at the centre of the city.

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Cagliari is in the nearby of Cagliari (CA) and 4 m (13 ft) above sea. ; has as Patron saint St. Saturninus and the Saint day is October 30. The town is divided in parishes: Pirri. Residents of Cagliari has the demonym of "Cagliaritani".

In Cagliari there are 55 accomodation.. You may visit 57 places of interest.

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