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written by Chiara Guzzetti

Ostuni città bianca

To start the winter season we decided to take advantage of early opening of ski lifts in the beautiful Bormio, Valtellina, in early November. Emerging out of the tunnels leading to the town, we found already found a winter scenery, snow-covered and truly impressive!

The next morning we got up early as this is the perfect time to enjoy the slopes with the beautiful morning light. What's better than having breakfast in a mountain hut? It is worth it, believe me ... You will also have the privilege to ski on the World Cup slope, the magnificent Stelvio slope, in perfect condition.
With the Altavaltellina ski pass it is possible to ski in the local ski area, but also in San Colombano and Valdidentro. Good alternatives for people who love change!

After a wonderful skiing start (or a lazy morning!) we really wanted a hot bath, relaxing and rejuvenating in thermal waterto be fit for the evening. Bormio offers three thermal spas, including Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi, two authentic Roman baths brought to reality, to its tourists. Do not miss the relaxing evening under the stars during the weekend.

Before dinner you can not give up the walk with an aperitif in the historical center where you can taste local specialties like dried beef, tasty cheeses and the famous wines of Valtellina. On this occasion, we have not been able to give up the classic dinner on the ski slopes, based on traditional dishes like the famous pizzoccheri, dried meat and wholesome cheeses. You reach the place by special cars or snowmobile and back to country skiing in the moonlight or torchlight, or by the same means of the first leg. It seems that the winter nights never end up ever in Bormio. Torchlight processions, village festivals, pubs, discos, piano bars and much more are waiting to entertain you in a friendly and international atmosphere! Bormio is a place I have been to for many years and each time gives me a reason not wait to return!


written by Andrew adams

Ostuni città bianca

Bormio, host country of the same name spas, is a popular destination for winter sports, located in the territory of Valtellina and is bordered by the Stelvio National Park, through the use of earthy alkaline bicarbonate sulfate water , the spa offers therapies for the treatment of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems, also the water is also used in skin and metabolic diseases.

The center and Wellness Spa Bagni Nuovi, adjacent to the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi in Bormio, is divided into four areas with different thermal paths. Made of a unique flavor, lights, pictures and colors all natural.
Over thirty different spa services including seven pools and outdoor swimming pool open year-round in a large garden. The route begins in the gardens, flooded by the warmth and sunlight from the early hours of the morning until sunset, continues through a minimalist and modern tunnel and ends in the basement of the hotel in Art Nouveau style. Four sectors each for a different thermal path: it starts with the gardens of Venus with a regenerating path, it continues in the Grotto of Neptune that offers detoxification, Bagni di Giove and finally the revitalizing Hercules baths to relax.

In each area you live special moments that give a harmonious physical and mental health, the beauty of natural surroundings, the smells of nature and the melodies of woods offer unique and timeless sensations .



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The city of Bormio has an elevation of 1,225 m (4,019 ft) is located in the county of Sondrio (SO). The Patron saint is Gervasius and Protasius on 19 June. The town is divided in parishes: none. Residents of Bormio has the demonym of "Bormini".

In Bormio there are 63 accomodation.. You may visit 13 places of interest.

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