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written by Alexandra Evans

Ostuni città bianca

Bolzano is one of the more popular and best destinations where you can spend Christmas vacations. Thanks to the number of events hosted daily, like cultural initiatives, fairs, free concerts, typical markets and much more. All this has made Bolzano one of the best and most attractive towns in Europe for both the young and old people. 

Especially during Christmas festive, the city assumes a new face; all starts at the end of November and ends at the beginning of January. During this Christmas festive season, it is time for family celebration, serenity, markets, and traditions. All places around Bolzano change into charming places, filled with lights bringing a touching atmosphere. 
All squares around the city are fully covered with wooden houses that offer typical food, gift ideas, craft made products, and much more. 

During this festive season, you will have the chance to visit the Dolomite Christmas markets where you can have the chance to experience old traditions and a typical Christmas atmosphere. Here you will get the chance to buy fabric products, pottery, and handmade wood. You will also find Christmas decorations, a couple of stands featuring traditional beverages and food like Christmas gingerbread biscuits, Parampampoli or mulled wine, cakes, roast chestnuts, Cevap from the Valle dei Mocheni, Tortel de patate, pastries eaten with hot chocolate, Knödeln (dumplings) and much more. 
You will also have the chance to listen and get entertained by popular folklore events, sounds, shows, children entertainment, and music, which make a magical environment around Christmas markets.

On the Dolomites, you can part too in a number of other related period events the nativity scenes, which are often handmade: real works of art like the picturesque. 
Visiting the South, you will have the chance to experience the widespread custom of parades, like the Klocken and the San Nicolò parades. You can also keep fit by participating in races while dressed in a red costume and white beard. You will also get an opportunity to visit the suggestive market starting from the 23rd of November-30th December. Here you will admire and see the seventy wooden houses, that exhibit different products. 

Furthermore, you will see exhibitions, typical, foods and other events. The exhibitors in the exhibitions coming from South Tyrol, Trentino and other regions of North Italy come with lots of craftmade products like candles, cribs, flower pressed pictures, Christmas decorations and much more. 

If you have children, they will be able to see Babbo di Natale or Santa Claus, La Befana an old hag, presepi manger scenes, ceramic or wooden. There are also rides and even live animals for the kids to enjoy. Adult’s rides like a tiny train or romantic carriage, which is horse-drawn, can be available. 

While near Bolzano you will get and an opportunity to visit the famous castles such as Mareccio Castle, Campegno Castle or the Natural Science Museum.



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The city of Bolzano has an elevation of 262 m (860 ft) is located in the county of South Tyrol (BZ). The demonym of natives is "Italian: bolzanini German: Bozner Ladin: bulsanins".

In Bolzano there are 31 accomodation.. You may visit 23 places of interest.

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