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written by Cedric Mills

Ostuni città bianca

The beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast are extremely varied. The choice does not limit itself to pebbles or sand, but also includes fjords, creeks and small hidden bays.

We propose you a list of the most beautiful bays to be visited for their natural peculiarities and the high quality services. Baths of Regina Giovanna
The name derives from Queen Giovanna d'Angio', who used to bathe in this lagoon in the 14th century. It is nowadays one of the most famous spots of the Sorrento peninsula, next to Marina di Puolo, where a natural lagoon extends itself and links to the sea thanks to a cave in the rocks. It is accessible by a steep stony stair, surrounded by colored vegetation and wonderfully perfumed. Among the maritime bushes, the old and decadent villas stand out high as a witness of the man's presence. Cala Mitigliano
It is a small beach of pebbles and of crystalline water, inside the natural park of Punta Campanella, in front of the isle of Capri. Here a famous grotto is home to a spring of water. Baia di Ieranto

One of the most beautiful bays of the whole coast. There are two beaches; one can be reached walking while the other can be approached from the sea only. Both are in the deepest creek of the island and are framed by a blue sea. Baia di Recommone

The bay is structured as an arch of pebbles and presents crystalline waters; it can be reached by car or bus from Nerano. There is also a restaurant in which one can rest, get tanned on the big balcony and taste typical dishes of fish. Marina di Carapolla

A very small, abandoned town of fishers, wide vegetation with the rest of a roman domus on show and, between the steep rocks, at the end of a stretched fjord, there is a very quiet and small beach which can be reached by means of the 700 steps of a stony stair. The beach is laid in a protected area, which can be visited with a local guide.


written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

Amalfitan Coast is a coastline stretch on the southwestern region of Campania, Italy. The coast has an iconic medieval cliffside, fishing villages and extraordinary beauty, aspects that led to its being recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is popular as a tourist destination in the region and the country as a whole, hosting thousands of tourists each year. 

With its Mediterranean Climate mild winters and warm summers, Amalfi provides a perfect spot for going on vacations and spending your holidays. Besides, the diverse tourist attraction sites available in this region are not less beckoning. The coast is also popular for the production of limoncello liquor, as cultivation of lemons is a common spectacle in the area. You will often hear someone say they saw a lemon the size of a human head in Amalfi. Well, they will not be lying because there are lemons of similar size at this amazing coast. If you are looking for a place to relax and rest amid glitzy and sophisticated surroundings, having an awesome view of an emerald sea, Amalfi is the place to go.

Travelling to Amalfitan Coast is quite easy, thanks to numerous established means of transport in the region. For foreign tourists who intend to visit Amalfi, you will probably fly in to the country. There several destination airports that you can use. You can fly to Fiumicino Airport Leonardo da Vinci or Ciampino Airport in Rome and take a train to Naples Central Station in slightly over an hour. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Capodichino Airport in Naples, where you will take a bus or a taxi to Naples Central Station, a journey that will take 30-40 minutes. From the Central station in Naples, you will take Vesuviana Train to Sorrento in about 70 minutes. There is also a direct travel by bus from the airport in Naples to Sorrento, taking about one and a half hours. At this stage, you will have reached the Amalfitan Coast towns. There is a direct bus ravel from Sorrento to Amalfi town that will take you 40-60minutes, depending on the traffic. To get the best view of the coast, it is advisable to take a seat on the right hand side of the bus. You should take caution in case you suffer from car sickness, because the road is continuously winding with a sequence of stomach churning bends. If you intend to savour the whole sea before reaching Amalfi, then boat transport is available for you.

Driving a car may not be the best idea for visitors due to the winding and narrow nature of the road. The coastal roads are directly above the sea and you will most probably come across tourist coaches which can create difficulties in the bends. Even though the best way to explore the coast is by car since you can stop off as you want, the best option is to use public transport. If your budget constraints allow, you may employ an experienced chauffeur who knows the local routes better.

Amalfi is one of the larger towns on Amalfitan Coast. It is full of pedestrians and its streets are lined up with souvenir shops, restaurants and tourists. Once in Amalfi, there are various places that you will want to visit, but your vacation will not be complete if you do not pay a visit to some of the popular places in the region.

The Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea I is one such place. The cathedral dates back to early 10th century and its conspicuous stripy façade has been refurnished twice since. The building is hybrid, with the Silican Arabic-Norman style predominating. Its magnificent 13th century bell tower can be seen from the harbour. Its huge bronze doors deserve a look as well. The doors are the first in Italy, commissioned by a local noble; they were made in Syria and shipped to Amalfi. The alter contains some great statues and intriguing 12th-13th century mosaics. During the peak seasons, you will need to pay just 2.50 Euros to gain entrance.

Another place to go is the Arsenali della Repubblica Amalfitana. Back in the days when Amalfi was a great maritime republic, this cavernous Arsenale was the town’s major shipbuilding depot. In the modern day, it hosts temporary exhibitions. It opens at varying times depending on what on the occasion.

Grotta dello Smeraldo in Conca dei Marini, four kilometres west of Amalfi is a place you will want to visit. The haunting cave was named after the spine-chilling emerald colour which emanates from the seawater. Stalactites hang down from its 24 metre-ceiling while stalagmites grow to ten metres tall. Each year, skin-divers from all over the country make their traditional pilgrimage to this ceramic presepe submerged beneath the water. You can use the buses and take a lift or stairs down, or take a boat from Amalfi charging about 15 Euros.

Museo della Carta is a paper museum that you will not want to miss out. It is housed in the oldest paper mill in Europe, built in the 13th century. It tenderly preserves original paper presses that are still in complete working order. The 15-minute tour in the museum includes explanations on the original cotton-based production of paper and the wood pulp manufacturing. Besides the tour, there is a variety of stationery that you will be inspired to buy from the gift shop, along with paper pressed with flowers and calligraphy sets.

Chiostro del Paradiso is another enticing place that you must visit while in Amalfi. They are outstanding Moorish-style cloisters built in 1266 to keep tombs of prominent citizens in Amalfi. This series of slender, tall Arabic arches are supported by 120 marble columns. Moving from the cloisters you head straight to the Basilica del Crocefisso to find different religious artefacts on display in glass cabinets and some 14th century frescoes. Beneath this lies the 1206 crypt housing the remains of Sant’Andrea.

For its seafaring history, Amalfi’s major beach is not a predominantly appealing place for swimming. In case you are really intent on taking a deep, you should consider hiring a boat. There are several boat operators along Lungomare dei Cavalieri who charge about 50 Euros for a few hours. You may want to hire a boat and not need a skipper, for 250 Euros per day. These types of boats carry a maximum of six passengers. Organised daylong excursions to the islands and along the coast are also available from 45 pounds per person. The boat excursion tour takes you through all the villages in Amalfi coast including Atrani, Ravello, Positano, Minori, Maiori and Praiano. 

Amalfi in Amalfitan coast is truly an amazing place. In case you were planning to go on vacation or holiday and you did not have a ready destination, well you have one. Being in this amazing town is a lifetime experience that you cannot afford to miss if you have the opportunity. By visiting all the awesome sites and sharing in the ancient Italian culture through traditional foods, drinks and clothes you will realise that it will be worth everything. The long shorelines lined with pebbles and the serene beach environment free you from the busy and stressful life of office work. A single trip to Amalfi will turn your entire life around for the better, and you will want to go back another time.

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