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Alba Adriatica


written by Mario Brusa

Ostuni città bianca

The resort town of Alba Adriatica is one of the seven resorts in the Adriatic beach. Though it has only 11,820 residents it attracts close to 50,000 tourists every summer. It offers a 15 kilometer stretch of biking and roller skating track in addition to its wide sandy beaches to visitors. Tourists are also offered a glamorous night life. It belongs to the Teramo province in the Abruzzo region of Central Italy. This beach is also nick named Spiaggia d'argento which means the "Silver Beach" due to the high quality of its beach and the water. Though Alba Adriatica was a part of Toterato comune before, it was separated in 1956 as a new commune by splitting the Toterato comune. During the old days the areas close to the sea were not occupied. Spaces occupied by communities were in the hills and evidence to this effect is witnessed very often when excavations are done for the purpose of making new buildings. Even many of these communities were destroyed by wars during the early Christian era. Romans of the early days built many small ports for military purposes rather than for fishing. Sometimes these little ports were used for sea trade as well. Apart from that there were hardly any buildings along the coast. However, the first watch towers were built in the 16th century. They were used for early detection of invading pirates across Adriatic Sea. Setting up of a small railway station in 1863 was able to make a change to Alba. Interest started getting focused on the areas close to the sea after centuries. Roads started coming up in 1930s and hotels started to be constructed in 1956. Presently, Alba Adriatica is a beach resort that offers everything holiday makers need. A 16th century sighting tower is still preserved. There are a few festivals to participate as well.

  • Il mare
    Il mare
  • La Spiaggia
    La Spiaggia


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