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B&B ATENEA 191 – Agrigento: Astounding Archaelogical Sites, Exclusive Traditional Sweets and Spellbinding Scenery

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B&B ATENEA 191 – Agrigento: Astounding Archaelogical Sites, Exclusive Traditional Sweets and Spellbinding Scenery - Agrigento - Visit ItalyAptly named B&B ATENEA 191 because of its location along Atenea’s street 191, which is Agrigento's main commercial street, this bed and breakfast offers its customers a quiet, rustic paradise for a relaxing break.

You can select from rooms that have double beds, twin beds and more from a total of seven rooms that can accommodate one to five people. Each room offers facilities like an attached bathroom, a television and a balcony with the option of sea or main street view.

B&B ATENEA 191 is located in Agrigento, which is a city in Sicily’s southern coast. Famed as the site of Akragas, a former leading Greek city during ancient Greece’s golden era, understandably, Agrigento’s key attraction is Valle dei Templi or “Valley of the Temples.” Though called the valley, the temples, which depict a Doric architectural style are actually located along a ridge.

A few of the must visit temples are the Temple of Heracles and Temple of Concordia. For archaelogical findings that date back to prehistoric days up to Roman times in Caltanissetta and Agrigento provinces, drop by at Museo Archeologico Regionale. The Cathedral, which features a massive bell tower with an ornate balcony is another place worth visiting for its amazing architectural style.

For appreciating the original Gothic ogival doorway with a rose window not to mention exclusive traditional sweets that are made by the nuns at the adjoining convent, drop by at Santo Spirito. Don’t miss sampling the convent's version of the North African dish, couscous. Honey, almond, pistachios, chocolates and other items are used to make this sweet couscous based on a secret recipe using traditional methods.

There are also curly almond biscuits, dried fig buccellato, pistachio bucellato and shell-shaped cookies. Make a journey a bit further from Agrigento to Realmonte’s coast to visit Scala dei Tarchi or “Stair of the Turks.” To gain access to this rocky white cliff, you need to climb the naturally fashioned limestone staircase.

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