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The intriguing island of Sicily is Mediterranean’s largest island as well as the southern part of Italy. This island is best known for Mount Etna which is the largest active volcano in the entire region of Europe.

Sicily being one of the pearls of southern Italy and can well be discovered, experienced and understood through a series of tours to not only to areas of nature but also to those of history and the island’s immense traditions and scrumptious delicacies.

A visit to the Sicily you will not fail to notice the captivating nature’s endowment in the island ranging from hills, mountains and the sea with incredible colors and crystal clear waters. The great volcanoes and the other Mediterranean islands offer unique intense scenarios engulfing the vicinity with flavors and scents of uncontaminated nature.

Sicily is home to a vivacious culinary tradition that mixes its local delicious produce with the cooking styles drawn from many foreign rulers ranging from Arabs to Byzantines, from Spanish to Normans who have ruled Sicily earlier. The delicious produce are products from the fertile plains and rolling hills of Sicily which seem to produce unlimited quantities of nut, vegetables, fresh fruits with the livestock in the region producing sweet cheeses and meat. The surrounding fishing grounds add to this wealth by providing a variety or marine delicacies which in no doubt can make just anyone to salivate. 

To round this up, Sicily is credited with producing some of the highly regarded new wines across Europe supplementing it long-renowned fruit drinks, ices and other digestives.

If you intend to give Sicily’s great delicacies a taste, your tour should start from Palermo which is surrounded by oranges of lemon groves of the Conca D’Oro. This city is a site by itself owing to its polychromatic marble of its buildings. Other attractions include the richly decorated churches and archeological sites but while on this don’t fail to visit the vibrant and colorful Vucciria which is one of the famous markets in Palermo. 

Food is in plenty here ranging from fried fish everywhere with amazing ricotta-filled pastries among other delicacies which you wouldn’t possibly exhaust in a day’s visit. Starting with the setteveli, a seven layer cake that will leave you yearning for more are other foods such as the ricotta-filled cornetti, frittola, a sandwich made with meat bits and mostly covered in baskets and sold at the street corners. Have a taste of stigghiola which are calf or lamb intestines charcoal grilled at night on Palermo streets starting from 5 pm. Pane con Panelle, Pane ca’ Meusa, street fish which can be prepared as you watch and whole lot of other delicacies is what Palermo has to offer.

A further visit to Agrigento which is also one of the beautiful cities in Sicily is a place that will overwhelm you with not only its spectacular views but also another experience of charming delicacies. These range from both land and sea foods including olives, salted anchovies, sun-dried potatoes, oil preserved vegetables, artichoke, peas and other fanciful appetizers which you will enjoy before getting to the main course meals available here. The renowned pasta dishes in this region are a good start for you not excluding cavatelli with eggplants and tomatoes or the bread beans with ricotta cottage cheese. While enjoying this Agrigento has on its menu baked goat, grilled sausages that are flavored with wild fennel, rabbit with seasonal vegetables flavors on the side as well as pork. Try the various fish based courses as you take the Sicilian pastries for dessert, these are great in both taste and color.

Moving on to Messina you will enjoy its magical appearance under a limped sky and blue sea forming its background. Messina is surrounded by numerous islands with volcanic origins each with individual historical identity and while you enjoy the scenery you can taste the great local gastronomy majorly made from fish though prepared in different ways. Have a sword fish that is so delicious and can be prepared in a thousand different and equally appetizing ways. With this comes crustaceans and mussels’ sumptuous soup which you can alternatively take with spaghetti. 

Delicious grilled goat meat is always available and you could also have a taste of the local pastries, dairy products and cheese that is processed according to ancient tradition. Along the Nebrodi territory you will find honey, olive oil, berries, hazelnut and other delicacies and supplement all these with wine from Etna’s DOC wines, the Malvasia di Lipari and other distinctive citrus liqueurs.

Other provinces in Sicily including Enna, Trapani and Ragusa are equally rich in a range of delicacies that will leave you with a memorable taste of these meals. For those interested in a purely wine drive then Sicily will definitely make you wish come true. You can visit different wineries where you will enjoy high quality wine beyond your expectations. Made from grapes and other constituents, you can watch the wine be processed as you enjoy a glass of the superb wine.


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