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Wine and food holidays in Abruzzo: tour and specialties

Wine and food holidays in Abruzzo: tour and specialties

A generous land, Abruzzo: its conformation is typical of its gentle valleys, the springs make the land fertile and wherever they are bearing the hallmarks of production typical of this Italian region.

The quality and simplicity of recipes is amplified by the authenticity of local products, among which one cannot cite legumes such as beans and grain or fracture. Montereale Sulina Maiella, but the spices that make the really special dishes as saffron eagle. Among the products of excellent wine stands out among the red Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano among whites.

Abruzzo is a region of agro-pastoral vocation, precisely for this reason among the products of excellent typical local production appear various types of cheeses from Abruzzo's sheep cheese with fresh pasta, ricotta and scamorze. Typical is the Marcetto, flavoured cheese enriched with mountain herbs.

In all the parks and protected areas of Abruzzo there is an interesting honey production. Beekeeping is an ancient fact that even today, despite the crisis that affects the industrious insects in the world, continues to produce a delicious honey. In addition to wildflowers, most types of honey produced and appreciated are the thyme, the sainfoin and chestnut.

If the recipes with meat and cheese are typical of the inner areas of the region, the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo prepares tasty recipes based on fish. Among these fish soup prepared with fresh fish, especially Redfish, shrimp and octopus. The smell of the sea that is released from these dishes is spreading through The Streets of the seaside restaurants dotting the area.

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