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Art Cities in Abruzzo - Art and Culture in Abruzzo - Cultural Holidays

Art and Culture Holidays in Abruzzo

An Italian destination which is famed for its love of music, the arts and literature, a trip to the Abruzzo region will appeal to your creative lust.

The landscape is spectacular and stunning to say the least, however the cultural relics that can be found here are incredibly unique and offer a rich dose of Italian heritage to visitors. The architectural might of castles, monasteries, churches and mansions is partially highlighted by the grande interior designs, precious works of art and timeless rural traditions which are still employed by the locals today.

The oldest testimonies describe the region of Abruzzo as being a place with a very strong and refined local identity. This gives light to the fact that much of the architecture and local gems of art are completely unique compared to other parts of Italy. A very spiritual tradition remains abundant here and from the potters to the blacksmiths, the locals are still bound by the same passion, pride and integrity as they were hundreds of years ago.

This region of Italy is synonymous with the music scene and the Pescara Jazz Festival has attracted more than just a few pretty faces. Hugely influential musicians such as Bob Dylan, Woody Herman and Ella Fitzgerald have performed here and this town is also the birthplace of notable faces including Formula One driver Jarno Truli. There are numerous open air museums in the region of Abruzzo too, giving you a real insight into the beauty and magic of the locality.

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